Formerly:  Liberty Safes, Coins, and Ammo
                4950 Johnson Ave. N.W., Cedar Rapids, Ia.
We  Sell Gold, Silver Bullion, Ammo

Iowa's Largest Selection of Liberty Safes in Iowa!
     Monday- Friday  Noon - 6:00 PM   
          Saturday Open at 2 PM -  Call for  Appointment  
  Special Fatboy Security - Wholesale Cash Price Marble Gray  $2099.
     Most Safes are Priced Lower than Website Shows!
       Purchase a Safe & get 9 mm Ammo $8.00

Liberty Safes of Cedar Rapids
4950 Johnson Ave. N.W.                  New Hours:  M-F   2:00 - 6:30 PM
Cedar Rapids, IA 52405                               Saturday Hours 2:00 PM or  by Appointment 
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Phone Number: 319-981-9199
Toll Free: Appointments  Recommend