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How to identify your electronic lock

Identify your type of electronic safe lock by LISTENING to the beep pattern after entering the Command shown below on your lock keypad. Once identified, click on the "My Lock" for videos and PDF instructions.

PLEASE NOTE: Even though several of the locks below look the same on the outside, they have different programming features on inside. Testing the sound will help you identify which electronic safe lock you have.

Low Profile 6120 & Dual Battery 6120
Low Profile Lock Dual Battery Lock

2 low beeps

My Lock
D-Drive Z02
D-Drive Lock

1 low beep 3 high beeps 2 low beeps

My Lock
TITAN Low Profile Pivot Bolt, TITAN D-Drive & TITAN Dual Battery
Low Profile Lock D-Drive Lock D-Drive Lock

3 low beeps 1 high beep

My Lock
Biometric Electronic Lock
Biometric Electronic Lock
    My Lock
LP Lock - NL Electronic Lock
LP Lock NL Electronic Lock
    My Lock