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Choosing a Location

  • For optimum security, position your safe where it is not visible from windows or normal traffic areas. In addition, it is recommended that you position your safe away from exterior doors and windows.
  • For optimum fire protection, place your safe in the basement or lowest level of your home, against an outside wall. We recommend that you place your safe away from areas where a fire is likely to start or burn exceptionally hot.
  • If you have purchased a large safe (1,000 lbs. or more) or if you live in an older home, it is recommended that you install the safe near a load-bearing wall.
  • To maintain the 5-year warranty for painted surfaces, you must install the safe in an enclosed, climate-controlled environment (i.e. with conditioned air preventing wide temperature fluctuations). The safe must not be exposed to weather or excessive humidity.
  • The bottom surface of your safe is primed, but not painted. It is recommended that you place a moisture barrier between the safe and the floor to protect the bottom of the safe against rust. A scrap piece of carpeting is an excellent barrier.